5 Entertaining Things You Can Do for Free!

Don't let bills stand in the way of a fun time. Here's how to do All Kinds of fun things Films: Skip the long lines along with the over-priced tickets by registering to attend free movie screenings. You will get invited to watch movies until they're out in theaters, and you'll even get a second... Continue Reading →


6 Things You Should Never Discuss at the Workplace

Some subjects result in bad workplace conversations. These six issues that you ought to avoid discussing in the office could make things awkward, or perhaps quite disagreeable, involving you and your colleagues. What can you speak about? Try secure topics like films, songs, and food (especially if you bring some to share). Religion While religion... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Cheapest Cities To Retire

Retiring abroad surely has its benefits, such as cheaper healthcare, a refreshing change of scenery and a reduced cost of living. That last detail is especially important for couples that have not saved. Luckily, there are some countries where you can retire comfortably. Residing on the cheap is much easier when you're receiving Social Security... Continue Reading →

How To Separate Your Wants and Needs`

Among the aspects concerning budgeting is separating wants from needs. Many individuals mistakenly categorize specific things as "wants" since they can't imagine life without it. But when push comes to shove, many of our needs are wants. Need is at the Eye of the Beholder Allow Me to tell you a story that illustrates the... Continue Reading →

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