5 Entertaining Things You Can Do for Free!

Don’t let bills stand in the way of a fun time. Here’s how to do All Kinds of fun things

Films: Skip the long lines along with the over-priced tickets by registering to attend free movie screenings. You will get invited to watch movies until they’re out in theaters, and you’ll even get a second ticket that was complimentary to bring somebody with you.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. You requested to take a survey after or could be encouraged to tell your buddies about the movie, but that’s it.

Simply go and have a good time, and let somebody else pick up the tab. To get your name on the list, simply sign up for a few movie screening websites.

Plays and Live Concerts: Get your dose of live theatre and concerts by enlisting to be an usher. You’re going to be free to remain and watch the show, as soon as you help everyone find their seats. To land a gig contact theatre venues in your area. Some will ask you to undergo a short training program and also to commit to a specific number of plays per month, but that’s like agreeing every month to watch a certain number of shows!


Museums: Dodge the admission fee at your favorite museums by going on a perfect day. Bank of America credit card holders receive free entry to 150 museums, science centers and botanical gardens on the first full weekend of each month. Just flash your card and your I.D., and you are in.

The Smithsonian Museum Day Live program, scheduled for Saturday, September 27th, will also get you two complimentary tickets to an engaging museum. Want to visit a museum? Do a web search for museums in your town, and you are bound to turn something up.

Zoos: Most zoos do a free zoo day one or two times annually throughout the offseason.

Check the local zoo’s website or call to discover if there are some free admission days. If you bring a picnic from the house, this might be an outing that is free. Want to enjoy in the zoo? Many parks also offer free entry bargains on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Veteran’s Day.

Courses: Learning something new can cost a great deal or nothing at all. Check out in your community for free classes, and research a subject which you find interesting. Williams Sonoma offers free cooking classes for kids and grownups. Home Depot and Lowes run free building workshops, and that’s just to name a couple. Check your neighborhood calendar to see what’s coming up.


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